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1. If you order more than 10 products,we suggest you to use Western Union to pay for your order. It saves more money,and you can get a free jersey when you buy 10.
Visa Payment,Master Card are accepted,it charges 6% extra fee.
Money Gram payment is accepted as well,the account is the same as our western union.

Pay via western union,for every 10 jerseys you order,you could enjoy 1 free jersey. It brings you more benefits. If you order less than 10 pcs, we suggest you to pay online by Credit Card

2. The following is our Western Union name and address:

Want know more about western union
please visit: http://www.westernunion.com
First Name:SuQiong
Last Name:Zheng
Address: Fujian, China
Zip Code: 362600

3. Once you send the payment, you will receive the money transfer contorl number (MTCN),please remember to send us the MTCN and the free jersey's id number and size,you can contact our live chat on our website or send the info to our email address ([email protected]):